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Actually, let's get a proper pinned toot maybe.

The name's Luke. Hailing from Warsaw, Poland. I code JavaScript for fun and living.

I'm your regular IT nerd who likes tech, video games (mostly PC and Nintendo Switch), science fiction, electronic music, cats and dad jokes.

Still figuring out my niche here but I probably won't shy away from occasional commentary on current events or random fun stuff to click on.

If you read that, thank you for stopping by! 💙

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To avoid straining your eyes when you're continuously working, follow the 20-20-20 rule :

After 20 minutes of work,
Look at something 20 minutes away,
Then spend 20 years in the forest.

I kinda miss street photography so I shoot random things with my phone.

That sudden feeling of horror when my Android tablet lighted up the screen for no reason.

*unlocks home screen*

Oh, text message from Alert RCB. Because who else would send me SMS to my tablet.

Well, thanks for scaring me in the most unexpected way possible.

Another sprint review done. Hell yeah. I survived.

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Time traveller needed: application due yesterday


I did nothing productive except some meetings and spontaneous calls and 8 hours have passed. Where is time for actual work?

I hope some time in this decade I'll find a company that gets time reporting right without generating massive headaches each month.

And I thought automatic timesheets in Jira were bad enough. Silly sausage me.

I noticed another typo, but nah, I won't redraft it again.

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I set up a reminder for 2pm that was critical for my afternoon plans.

At 1:50pm I realized I actually had set up the reminder for 3pm.

I like living on the edge but to my taste that was way too close to a distaster.

"But remember: [software name here] is Enterprise Software. Usability is an antipattern"

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All my code is perfect and never has conditions in it! race

I have a project idea involving a certain popular game made by a huge well-known Japanese company.

But if I decide to pursue it, the company in question will sue me to oblivion at worst or DMCA my project down at best.

Sitting in my headphones. Something started to hum.

Looking through the window.
Raining? No.

Oh, right. I just started Docker containers and my laptop fans woke up.

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> I used to work with engineers, but now that the team is remote, they are engi-fars.

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Do you have a domain name? Having a subdomain on a shared domain counts!

I'm not sure if YouTube is so buggy or they A/B test their stuff so aggressively. I wake up to a different iteration of their UI every single day.

Got back to Metroid Dread.

With rookie mode this game is finally accessible to me.

I'm too old and bored to try hard on games I'll give up as soon as I reach the credits screen.

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