Okay, great. Guess I'm done gaming for today.

Also, dear Nintendo, don't tell me I have poor internet connection until you haven't seen my monthly ISP bills.

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I may or may not regret having done that very soon.

I'm a simple man. Whenever I see my cleaning robot wrapping up its job I feel as if I was watching Crew Dragon docking into ISS.

I guess I'm not buying any domains tonight.

But 404? Not 500?

Every time Duolingo sends me a new follow notification after years of silence

Geez, I hate being asked this question with passion. It always pops up in the least appropriate moments. I never know what exactly they want to read here.

The answer template is not mine but it's all-time gold.

My Carbot Zerglings I got a while ago got a new side gig. At least until I get more books to dismiss them.

There's something flattering about the fact spammers think I'm an American.

Why does every single Nintendo game have to mock me on my first attempt.

"Hey Luke, here's a security notification for you!"
"Okay, what is it you want from me?"
"I won't tell you!"
"Okay, why bothering me then? Can I turn these off?"
"No! Security notifications can't be disabled!"

I really should get something better for my next "work" phone.

I'm an artist now. At least on one Twitch channel.

I kinda miss street photography so I shoot random things with my phone.

This is the weirdest beer I've had for a while. Made in Poland but inspired by Berliner weisse. Has a label showing one of Warsaw bridges but the brewery isn't located in Warsaw. And finally, it has strong strawberry taste but it's sour.

Story of my life, sort of.

In 2020, when we switched to perma-work-from-home mode for good, I marked the last date I was in the office in my calendar.

Today I was in the office for the firs time since then. The date marked was 10th September 2020.

Somewhat surreal.

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