This is the weirdest beer I've had for a while. Made in Poland but inspired by Berliner weisse. Has a label showing one of Warsaw bridges but the brewery isn't located in Warsaw. And finally, it has strong strawberry taste but it's sour.

Story of my life, sort of.

In 2020, when we switched to perma-work-from-home mode for good, I marked the last date I was in the office in my calendar.

Today I was in the office for the firs time since then. The date marked was 10th September 2020.

Somewhat surreal.

I don't always read spam mails but when I do, they're entertaining. I didn't know I had a new cool first name.

(the mail was sent to [email protected]

Okay Nintendo. You have 3 months to convince me it was a good idea.

My finger is on the button. So close to pushing the button.

Come oooooon, I want to play some games on Friday evening. 🙁

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