Someone looked at my GitHub profile at work.

'Oh, I saw the link on your readme, are you a Mastodon fan?'
'Yeah. It's a decentralized Twitter and I like it a lot'
'Oh, I get it, it's THIS Mastodon. I thought you meant a heavy metal band'

Having overtime work to do at 11pm on Sunday is quite a way to conclude my 7-year career in this company.

@stux 10 hours? Wow. I'm pretty sure even Windows installation wouldn't take that long.

@caitelatte fediverse is the best cat pic transfer protocol I know these days. I'm actually super happy to see you here. :)

Changing jobs after 7 years. Still feels surreal.

The big question is whether I'm brave enough to upgrade my plan and try to migrate my Mastodon instance or should I consider migrating to something more lightweight.

Or leave as-is so that I always have one powerful server just in case?

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In 2021 I finally found an affordable shared web hosting that offers PHP, Ruby, Node.js, MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL in a single package.

Maybe I'm finally getting to a point I won't have to configure virtual servers and write playbooks for every single toy project.

Hi! I'm a Polish comedian but due to my country being so grim unfortunately I am not able to tell any funny jokes. Please be so kind to google one funny joke yourself and then forward it to your friends. Thanks for your cooperation!

Buying a cheap Android phone in 2010s: it's so slow it barely runs those two critical apps I need.

Buying a cheap Android phone in 2020s: its battery optimization is so aggressive it eventually kills those two critical apps I need regardless of my settings.

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Some sources point to today being the MS-DOS 5 release date, so happy 30th birthday to EDIT.COM, QBasic, HIMEM.SYS, Nibbles, Gorillas, DOS Shell, and DOS=HIGH, UMB! 🎉🎂🎈🥂

If anyone is on MeWe and would like to put their content on my wall while I stil have single-digit contact list, invite me or something.

@tyr now you will want it even more. Sorry not sorry. :)

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