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68 unread emails? Like at once? What the...

Oh, right, my VPS server fleet is restarting after an unattended upgrade and Fail2ban is reporting on restarting jails.

It's been working so flawlessly over the years I completely forgot it was a thing.

It's nice to have an automation that build a new Docker image and pushes it to Hub on each merge to master and all.

But you know what...

It's even nicer when those Docker images _actually work_ and I learn that _sooner_ than 40 builds later.

@a_breakin_glass @jeder I like how the second sentence of that entry says the project does not use blockchain. What kind of backstory prompted adding it.

Another Monday. Another day Microsoft Teams succeeds at convincing me it's a piece-of-shit software for daily communication at work.

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to pass you this message.

Toss a coin to your Witcher so that he can buy a Bayraktar.

I'm a freaking generator of startup ideas. Now I need venture capital to validate them all.

Putting a bottle of water with lemon in the fridge was one of the best spontaneous ideas I had last evening.

Thank you past Luke. That water is so cool and so tasty now.

Just saw a discussion about credit cards and I'm baffled at people repeating old marketing statements about payment security and stuff while I'm like 'dude, that's what your debit card can do as well'

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"It's a great tool if used responsibly, with full awareness of its advantages"

While I don't always question that statement, I suspect it's used too often as an apologetic way to say the tool is badly designed and it _will_ harm its user sooner or later.

Some cat in my hood is trying to repeat the success of Big Billy. But I'm not sure about his wet willy and it doesn't go clearly at all.

@vv in many cases I've encountered so far the product is either (1) highly specific, or (2) enforced on me by my employer. Yet they keep asking :(

rant on Google search 

Also, there's a separate place in hell for all developers that put complex code samples as images.

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rant on Google search 

Jesus fuckin' Christ, Google has been so obnoxiously bad at giving answers to anything related to programming.

First page of results consists mostly of Stack Overflow ripoffs, bullshitty content marketing that barely scratches the surface of what I'm looking for or half-assed Medium articles written during lunch break.

I'm lucky if I can see results from Mozilla docs or GitHub but that isn't really guaranteed any more.

@Gina Nintendo games as usual. And they rarely go on sale.

That's why I usually buy physical copies of first party games, at least I can get some money back reselling them.

Also, it's 10pm and I need ice cream.

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