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Not the kind of feeling I cherish, but reading the news about 2019 Facebook data breach I feel relieved I quit the platform for good in mid 2010s and pi-holed all of its hosts at home.

So much for a world in which companies do innovative stuff that brings an actual change rather
than copying features from each other just because.

I mean, could I finally get dark mode before that Clubhouse nonsense? Please Microsoft?

One thing I despise about DST switch is that of all clocks in my vincinity it's my radio-controlled wall clock and a Windows 10 clock that struggle to handle this correctly.

Hand-wound mechanical watches require less maintenance than that.

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If I've learned anything this last year, it's that we're not guaranteed anything and we should try to live out our dreams while we're alive to live them out. It is in that spirit that I reached out to a local college radio station (KPSU in Portland, Oregon) and proposed a new show; my proposal was accepted pending submission of a prerecorded pilot episode. The show is called Hack the Airwaves and I aim to explore various facets of hacker culture, hacker ethics, and the multitudes of kinds of hackers there are out there and the amazing projects they're working on.

Now that I've announced that here, I have a request for all the hackers out there (including and especially those who see hacking as much bigger than just infosec). I plan for my pilot episode to be called "What is a Hacker?" and for that, I need help. Contact me if you're interested in participating by sending me a ~1-7 minute recording of what being a hacker means to you.

I find lack of analog triggers in Nintendo Switch baffling. This misdesign makes whole game genres unplayable to their full potential.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons looked like a promising game to forget about grim reality and do something fun and different.

Then my character was given a smartphone and introduced to the concept of money and flight miles. ๐Ÿ˜ 

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Nintendo Switch as a gaming ecosystem is way too overhyped. I struggle to see any unique value that would justify its costs. This is merely a 2017 smartphone in a fancy form factor + access to some exclusive titles.

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Okay Nintendo. You have 3 months to convince me it was a good idea.

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My finger is on the button. So close to pushing the button.

Note to self: remind myself of this if I consider buying any new Logitech gear.

Looks like disk usage of my Mastodon instance stabilized.

Kinda sad and funny is that /dev/sda1 takes 19-20 GB which is slightly above the limit of a smallest VPS I can rent.

Witcher 3 is a game with project deadline, ambitions and development budget way too generous for a card game.

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