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Dear Apple Magic Mouse,

I like you and all but if you could prompt me to recharge somewhat earlier than at 2%, that would be great.

If you think I'm gonna put you out of service to recharge in the middle of my work day, you're damn wrong.

My sleep schedule has been too good lately so I decided to mess with SSL settings across all of my websites. I will never learn.

I randomly stumbled upon my old repository of comic strips I was drawing in mid 2000s.

Now I feel nostalgic.

And I stupidly think I could get back to this with modern toolset like a Wacom tablet or an iPad with stylus.

No Luke. We tried this once and we failed. Don't do that.

One good thing about weekend family visits is that my apartment is clean like rarely ever before.

I wonder how long it stays that way.

I'm not THAT clean, tidy and organized all the time.

June this year is on a wide spectrum between the best and the most disappointing within last 5 years of my life.

Dear recruiters,

I love you and all, but please, React and Angular are similar to each other only on surface and I'm not keen on switching between them. Maybe others do, but that's not me.

Thank you.

Every time Duolingo sends me a new follow notification after years of silence

Geez, I hate being asked this question with passion. It always pops up in the least appropriate moments. I never know what exactly they want to read here.

The answer template is not mine but it's all-time gold.

My Carbot Zerglings I got a while ago got a new side gig. At least until I get more books to dismiss them.

I have nothing interesting to get obsessed with on Switch so I bought The Solitare Conspiracy.

I probably won't sink 100+ hours into but I like the idea of adding story, visuals and deck effects to plain ol' solitaire game.

I'm still not used to seeing obvious cases of trolling on GitHub outside of Hacktoberfest.

Holy fuck. Car rental got super expensive. Even worse, choice is scarce.

I'm kinda glad this is one of 2 cases a year when I do need a car without having to buy a car.

There's something flattering about the fact spammers think I'm an American.

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Aaaaand another sprint done.

I survived again.

But damn dude, at what cost.

When life gives me lemons I ask for tequila and salt.

birdsite's security theater 

Birdsite offers a link to translate the status if someone posts in a foreign language.

Except that option isn't there if the poster keeps their account behind a padlock.

Too bad I have no device that is capable of selecting and copying any text I see with 1-2 taps.

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