Code of conduct

Being an administrator, a moderator and a user on my own self-hosted Mastodon instance I have no privacy policy or terms of service I could effectively enforce on myself. However, I am fully aware that with great power comes great responsibility and I do not live in a vacuum. I acknowledge the existence and fully support Mastodon Server Covenant.

I run this instance in good faith within laws imposed on me by the country I live in, as well as terms and conditions of my service providers, including my web hosting provider, domain registrar and many others.

As a mature citizen of the internet community I abide by very simple rules: I know there's a human on the other side of the screen and I don't do things I wouldn't do to my grandma. I strongly support this old-fashioned notion of being excellent to each other.

This Mastodon instance is not a public service. All accounts hosted on this instance are 100% owned and moderated by me. I do not offer account registration to third parties. Should that ever change in the future I will convert this page into proper terms of service.

Bot accounts on this instance are clearly labelled. I strive to design and run them in a way they don't cause disruptions to other parties and I monitor their behavior.

I use content warnings and mark relevant media as sensitive if they contain NSFW content.

I do not support nor engage in hate speech, harassment, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or other forms of discrimination.

I do not support nor engage in disinformation campaigns or conspiracy theories undermining public health.

If you notice any unexpected behavior that can be traced back to my instance and doesn't align with the standards I described above, please contact me directly. Thank you!
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